(MOD POST) Happy Birthday, Leeteuk!

This isn’t our video yet, it’s a personal video to express my birthday wishes to Leeteuk! 🙂


(Announcement) Deadline

I know that all of us are busy, so I had extensions of the deadlines of submissions.

But the deadest deadline is on June 17, 2011, 11:59PM KST. If you still fail to email us your submissions on that date, then your name will be removed. However, if you are still willing to submit after June 17, just tell us via email: letusbeyourwings@yahoo.com with your reason why you want to extend your deadline. I’ll just give you two days, so that’s on June 19, 2011, 11:59PM KST.

The video will be made on June 20, 2011, so it’ll be hard for it to be finished if you’ll submit one week before Jungsoo’s birthday. I think we need approximately a week to create the video, and if there are some revisions on it, we need to have 3 days more. So the final deadline is on June 17.

I appreciate your enthusiasm in joining this project, and in order for it to be successful is for all of us to submit the needed requirements. As I said, we know that you are busy in your other work or study, but please find time to submit your entries.

Thank you for your understanding.

(Announcement) New Twitter Account

Please follow @angelsandwings in Twitter. Because @LTBdayProject is suspended, I decided to create a substitute account. We’ll not use @LTBdayProject11 and will deactivate it soon enough.

I will use this twitter for announcements and of course, promotion. Please bare with me and follow this blog as frequent as you can.

Thank you.

(Announcement) Forms

Recently, I was browsing at the participants list and I found out that all the names are erased. The forms are also erased as well. Therefore, I can’t edit the pages again and put your names.

So I’d like to ask you if you can submit your forms again if you are still willing to join.

Sorry for causing you trouble. I already attended to the Twitter problem and I think it would be resolved in a day.

Thank you for bearing with me. I am currently having a hard time in dealing with these problems. So I hope you’d understand. Thank you.

(Announcement) The Twitter Account Is Currently Suspended

@LTBDayProject11 is currently suspended for an unknown reason. I sent an appeal letter to Twitter admins to clear the root of suspension and I also appealed to disregard the suspension. However, it’ll be attended in few days or even months. If that happens I cannot use the Twitter account again.

But then, I am still hoping that you’ll join the project still. Thank you.

P.S. Also, the names of the participants are erased. I don’t know why but I will attend to it immediately. Thank you.

(Announcements) Spots Left

All remaining spots have been taken:  

1. Video Editor

2. Collectors

3. Coordinators

There are still remaining special tasks:

1. Audio mixers

2. Translators


We are still in need of people who will do the main tasks. There are lots of spots for those who want to submit pictures and photos, birthday messages, and sound and video clips. 🙂


Looking forward!



(Announcement) Spots Available

As of: April 14, 2011, 8:10pm KST

Hello everyone!

Thank you for viewing this site for Leeteuk’s birthday project! 🙂

I would like you to know that there are no more slots available for:

1. Video Editor

2. Collectors

3. Coordinators

Other special tasks with available spots are:

1. Translator

2. Mixer (2 slots left)

Other main tasks, such as contribution of photos, birthday messages and sound clips, are still available. All you have to do is to fill up the form written in this page and comment below the page.

Once again, thank you for viewing and participating! Looking forward to your submissions! 😀

(Announcement) Leeteuk’s Birthday Project

Leeteuk’s Birthday Project


Title: Let Us Be Your Wings
Duration: April 11, 2011 – June 26, 2011
Date of Implementation: June 30 – July 1, 2011
Time of Implementation: June 30 12:00am KST – July 1 11:59pm KST



It is not an END but an AND.

Leeteuk is celebrating his 29th birthday in Korean age and 28th birthday in ordinary age this July 1, 2011. Since there is a possibility that Leeteuk will also enter the military camp by the end of the year or early 2012, let us, all ELF and all Leeteuk fans (Angels, Wings) in the world, gather and make this birthday memorable for him and let us make him remember that all of us love him.



1. To gather participants from 15-20 countries
2. To create a video with 10 to 15 minutes of length consisting of:

a. Collection of photos and pictures (5 minutes);
b. Birthday messages and greetings (5 minutes); and
c. Birthday song sung in different languages (5 minutes).

3. To do the project in the span of 11 weeks (75 days) or less before Leeteuk’s birthday.
4. To allocate the resources and minimize the possible cost.
5. To successfully show the video to Leeteuk (spreading).
6. To make him smile and appreciate it ♥


Tasks and Activities

You can choose one or more tasks in the following:

1. Collections of photos and pictures

a. It can be anything related to and/or reminded you of him.
b. It can be anything important and/or significant to him (baby/child/family/group pics).
c. It can be anything that is pearl sapphire blue in color.
d. It can be handmade artwork/s of his name or any word which describes him.
e. It can be a mural or wall painting.
f. It can be taken with or without you in the picture.
g. It can be done individually, by pairs or by group.


• You can take the picture of your chosen photos in any location in your country – famous landmarks, tourist spots,` schools, your special and memorable places, etc.
• You must not edit your photos. Nothing is better than the original.
• Be creative and artistic. Something you do describes how colorful your life is.

2. Write a birthday message for him.

a. It must be minimum of 30 words, maximum of 100 words.
b. It can be written in English or Korean.
c. It can contain your personal message, dedication, birthday greetings. You cannot include harsh comments and also you cannot write something that can offend him or anyone else.

• If you cannot write or you are not fluent in any of the two languages, you can submit your message written in your own language and/or find someone to translate it for you.
• You cannot use Google Translate or any online translating services in translating because their translations are most of the time wrong. You must find someone who will be able to translate it for you.
• The briefer and straight-to-the-point, the better.
• Make it unique and simple.

3. Sing happy birthday for him in your country’s language and dialects.

a. It can be recorded individually, by pair or by group.
b. It can be sung in different languages or dialects that you know (1-2 languages and/or dialects only).
c. It can be in acapella or with instrumental background.
d. It can be recorded in audio format (mp3, wav) or in video format (wmv, mp4, avi, mov).
e. It can be uploaded in YouTube, 4shared, Mediafire and Megaupload.

• It is not necessary to show yourself and record a video of you singing. However, it is much better if you can record yourself singing.
• All of you are going to sing Happy Birthday song in Korean.
• Be yourself. It doesn’t really matter if you are out-of-tune. The important thing is you sing with all your heart.
• Try to follow the right tempo for easy editing.
• Be creative.

4. Special Tasks

a. Video editor – will edit the video and decide for the final project.
i. You must be capable of video editing.
ii. You must have any video editing software.
iii. You must be willing to finish the video within the deadline.
iv. You must be easily contacted (through Twitter, Facebook, Mail, etc).

b. Mixer – will mix the audio to be used in the video.
i. You must be capable of audio mixing.
ii. You must have any audio mixing software.
iii. You must be willing to finish the audio mixing within the deadline.
iv. You must be easily contacted (through Twitter, Facebook, Mail etc).

c. Translator – will translate all messages in Korean.
i. You must be translating English and/or any languages into Korean.
ii. You must translate by yourself and not by any translating software.
iii. You must be willing to finish translating within the deadline.
iv. You must be easily contacted (through Twitter, Facebook, Mail etc).

d. Coordinator – will assist me in coordinating with the willing participants.
i. You must be free anytime during the project-making.
ii. You must be patient in waiting.
iii. You must be  able to speak English and your own language fluently.
iv. You must be easily contacted (through Twitter, Facebook, Mail, etc).

e. Collector
i. You must have free time.
ii. You must be easily contacted (through Twitter, Facebook, Mail, etc).



The deadline of submission of participant forms* is on or before

May 30, 2011 11:59pm KST

*Participant form is found here.

a. Pictures and photos: First 30-50 participants to submit form.

b. Birthday messages: First twenty-thirty (20-30) participants to submit birthday message. I will prioritize the translated messages.

c. Birthday song: First fifteen to twenty (5-15) countries with one to ten (1-5) participants each country– individual and group; a group will be counted as 1) to submit form. All will submit two (2) clips, one is song in your chosen language, the other one is song in Korean language.

d. Special tasks:

a. One (1) video editor to submit form.
b. First two (2) mixers to submit form.
c. One (1) translator for each language to submit form.
d. First (5) coordinators to submit form.
e. First three (3) collectors to submit form, one (1) for pictures, one (1) for messages, one (1) for clips.

The deadline of submission of pictures and clips is on or before

June 1, 2011 11:59pm KST

Pictures and clips may or may not be accepted, but you can re-do it only twice (2). The deadline of the redone pictures and clips is on

June 5, 2011 11:59pm KST

The deadline of the birthday messages is on

June 5, 2011 11:59pm KST

The deadline of the video is on

June 25, 2011 11:59pm KST*

*For the video editor only.

Pictures and photos: You are only required to submit one (1) picture. You can submit more than one pictures, but I will only choose the best picture/s. First fifty (50) pictures and/or first forty (40) participants will be accepted.

a. Upload the photos to any photosharing sites or attach it to your e-mail.
b. Place “P_firstname_country” in “Subject” box.
c. Submit your photos/links to letusbeyourwings@yahoo.com
d. Comment here if you are done submitting your photos.

Sound/video clips: You are required to submit two (2) clips: one in your chosen language and one in Korean language. First 5-15 countries with 1-5 participants (group counts to 1) will be accepted.

a. Upload the clips to any file-sharing sites or attach them to your e-mail.
b. Place “S_firstname_country” in “Subject” box.
c. Submit your clips/links to letusbeyourwings@yahoo.com
d. Comment here if you are done submitting your clips.

Birthday Messages: Translated messages will be prioritized first. Messages with more than 100 words will be automatically rejected, so check the number of words of your message. First twenty to thirty (20-30) participants will be accepted.

a. Write your message on Microsoft Word and save it as 1997-2003 file (any filename) and attach it to your e-mail.
b. If you don’t have Microsoft Word file, save it to Notepad or WordPad, or type your message directly to the text box in your e-mail.
c. Place “M_firstname_country” in “Subject” box.
d. Submit your message to letusbeyourwings@yahoo.com
e. Comment here if you are done submitting your messages.

Special Tasks: I will contact the chosen people through your e-mails. If there will be no reply in 2 days, I’ll give the tasks to others.



Please fill the form below only if you are really sure in joining and if you understand everything and comment below this post.

E-mail address:

List of Participants:

a. All
b. Pictures
c. Messages
d. Clips
e. Special tasks



For questions, suggestions, and reactions, comment in this post.
I will update you about the project weekly/daily. I might also open other tasks if there is an increase in demand. <- LOL


This is my first time to do a birthday project for him. Well, I actually am afraid that this project will not be as successful as other birthday projects, but my primary objective here is to make him happy and make him proud of himself. I need all your support and help. Thank you very much and let us write a history!

P.S. Links will still be unavailable. 🙂 I’ll be editing this posts later after finishing this blog site.

(Announcements) Forms and Promotions

I just want you to know that I already retrieved all the forms and lost data! Thanks to WordPress Autosave! Haha

Anyway, thank you guys (you know who you are) who continuously promoting the project. I can’t thank you enough, but still, thank you.

To all my coordinators, I am going to thank you as well.

I hope this project becomes successful and let us show Leeteuk that we love him, alright? Thank you everyone!